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The Robotic Tower Garage


The Robotic Tower Garage is a revolutionary and highly flexible automatic system that can drastically reduce parking footprints while increasing capacity. It is a high-density, vertical solution that lets you minimize your investment and maximize your returns.



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Increased Capacity

8 Space Configuration

8 Space Configuration

Every Robotic Tower Garage stores the maximum number of vehicles on the least amount of real estate. 2 to 20 parking levels, or more, can be above, below, or both partially above and below ground.

Because cars are stored door-to-door and bumper-to-bumper in more narrow spaces, density is greatly increased. Height clearances are greatly reduced, because pedestrians do not have to be taken into consideration.

The Robotic Tower Garage is the high-density, vertical structure that dramatically out performs parking lots and ramp garages.


The Robotic Tower Garage can be configured to meet your development needs and requirements—level by level and space by space. Even the height clearance on each level can be adjusted to accommodate different size vehicles. These simple but highly effective capabilities make our tower uniquely qualified to handle any challenge.

Robotic parking towers can also be incorporated into building designs or they can stand alone. Here are just a few examples of different space configurations:


Optimum Input and Output

The input and output staging areas can be located at the top or bottom of the tower or anywhere in between. Vehicles can enter or exit from any direction and input and output areas can be isolated from one another. Safe walking lanes can also be provided in pedestrian areas.

Easy Operation

Fully automatic, the Robotic Tower Garage makes operation easy. Here’s a description in five simple steps:

  1. The driver enters the tower, parks the vehicle on the platform and turns off the engine.
  2. The driver keeps the keys, exits the vehicle and walks to a designated pedestrian area.
  3. The system transports the vehicle to an empty space in the parking tower.
  4. When the driver is ready to depart, the system retrieves the vehicle and returns it to the exit.
  5. The driver enters the vehicle and drives out of the Robotic Tower Garage.


With the Robotic Tower Garage, it is possible to reduce the parking real estate commitment, increase parking capacity by better utilizing existing real estate, or both.

Additional advantages include eliminating damage and dents to vehicles, restraining theft and vandalism, and increasing the personal safety and parking experience of your customers.


The Robotic Tower Garage is environmentally friendly and eligible for LEED and Innovative Design Credits. We’re proud that the Robotic Tower offers these and other environmental benefits.

  • Maximizes open space and reduces impervious cover.
  • Minimal ventilation is required since the tower is not accessed by the public.
  • Reduced lighting means reduced utility costs.
  • Quiet operation reduces sound contamination.
  • Vehicle emissions and fuel consumption are reduced because drivers are not searching for a parking spot